The  Throne of God and the Seven-Sealed Book

The Throne of God and the Seven-Sealed Book

By Dr. Clifford Rhymes

  • Release Date : 2018-07-19
  • Genre : Education
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The Throne of God and the Seven-Sealed Book In book 4, Dr. Rhymes takes the readers through Revelation Chapters 4 and 5.  In this chapter John sees a door opening up in Heaven. Jesus tells him to come on in and stay awhile. He'll give John the tour. Inside, John sees God on his throne. Around him is a shining rainbow. There are also 24 other thrones with 24 elders sitting on them. They're wearing white robes and golden crowns. Their thrones have thunder and lightning coming from them. On God's throne the seat has seven flaming torches around it and in front of it is a sea of crystal. Around him are a lion, an ox, a human, and an eagle. Or at least they look like those animals. They all have six wings and eyes all over their bodies, so it's kind of hard to tell. These weird-looking creatures hang around God and sing his praises all day and all night. 
Thus Jesus introduces John to the world of symbols which he will help him navigate. This chapter shows John what true worship is in heaven, after he has seen the worship ad work of the seven churches. He had to come up to see what true worship is – and God is not done – we still have more to see on this regard in Chapter 5. 
In Chapter 5, John notices that God is holding a scroll with seven seals in his hand. An angel starts to fret that no one in all of Heaven and Earth is awesome enough to open the seal. This makes John also sad, and he weeps much, but then one of the elders reminds him about Jesus. Eureka! John sees a lamb that has been slaughtered standing in front of the throne. It has seven horns and seven eyes. The Lamb takes the scroll from God and instantly everyone in Heaven falls down to worship the Lamb. We're talking elders and angels and all manner of crazy-looking creatures. Thousands and thousands of beings singing, cheering, shouting, rejoicing. It's like a party in the heavenly realms. 
And now, with this book which was sealed seven times, is the story of the Christian church that was hinted at, when we looked at the seven churches. Yes, the reoccurrence of that story is about to begin, but this time we will be given more details. It is the story of Christian persecution and martyrdom at the hands of the Roman Empire, but it tells how all those villages and homes will be ravished and what will emerge is a one-world church system that will continue to enforce policies and laws that will make life difficult for Christians up until the very end. In this chapter, we only see the book and the fact that the book is sealed and that no one but Jesus, the Lamb of God that was slain can reveal the contents of the book. This information was hidden from the Roman Empire even as they were fulfilling all the prophecies of the book.