The Sixth Trumpet - Chapter 9:13-16

The Sixth Trumpet - Chapter 9:13-16

By Clifford Rhymes

  • Release Date : 2018-07-20
  • Genre : Education
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The Sixth Trumpet - Chapter 9:13-16 In eBook 8,
Once the locusts are done doing their thing, the sixth angel blows his trumpet. Guess what? More bad news for non-believers. Four angels of death are released. They're told to kill a third of the humans still living on Earth. I believe these four death angels are the same four angels who held back the winds at the beginning of Chapter 7. 

Then about two hundred million horses storm the Earth. They have heads like lions and breathe smoke, fire, and sulfur. Their tails are like scorpions. They also kill a whole lot more people—another third, in fact. Probably the weirdest part of all of this is that the people that are left over still aren't convinced. They refuse to repent and put their faith in Jesus. 

The symbols of this vision are also of peculiar character and drawn from different departments. We have four angels bound in the Euphrates, an immense army of horsemen, then a large number of horses with heads as of lions, and fire, smoke, and brimstone issuing from their mouths. The horses thus particularly described are evidently intended to have a definite symbolical signification, and being objects of nature, they would indicate a political or military power. The horsemen, being objects from human life, would point us to some religious body; while the angels signify the leaders that have control of these agencies. Their being commissioned "to slay the third part of men" show that they will overthrow some of the established institutions of society. We are to look, therefore, for some politico-religious power that should invade and overthrow the empire. We are, of course, directed to the Eastern empire; for the Western division was subverted under the symbols of the first four trumpets. With these specifications before us, we shall have no difficulty in identifying the power intended—the Turkish, or Ottoman, empire. Its agreement with the symbolic representations of the vision will be manifest from a statement of the facts of history.